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 OUR Mission.

It all started over 25-years ago when a Kuwaiti-based gym, Flex Fitness for men, opened its doors in the basement of a building in Bneid Al Gar. Driven by the passion of providing the highest physical fitness and health standards, Flex Fitness stood out, by securing a place among the leaders in the healthy living and fitness sector in Kuwait, in a short period of time.

As the years passed, we at Flex Resorts & Real Estate Co. K.S.C.C. took an oath, that as a fitness center we will always continue to strive for excellence in our services and always adopt new ways that will promote healthy living. Since then, we have been catering not only to males but also females and children in our fitness centers. However, since our focus was and always will be “healthy living” we still needed to ensure that our member’s needs to “healthy living” is met, therefore we expanded our family so that we can provide a holistic approach services for our members that are committed to live healthy and stay strong and happy. Over the years we have opened Flex Executive, Flex Fitness Women, Flex Family, Flex Spa and Salon, Flex Gourmet and Flex Clinic.

But that is not it, as by the end of the year, we will open new Location for Flex Women and will introduce our latest family addition, Flex VIP.

After 25 years of servicing the needs of our clients, we still promise our clients that the best is yet to come!

Stay Healthy. Live Life!


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